Linc Up Privacy Policy


  1. Introduction
  2. GDPR and the Data Protection Act
  3. Collected Information
  4. Using the password-protected area of the website (Linc Up)
  5. Purpose and Use of Information
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Storage
  8. Notification of Changes


We understand the importance of our members' privacy and wish our users' experience to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We will act responsibly in the handling of your personal data and take steps to ensure its security. The purpose of this policy is to ensure our members are always aware of the type of information we collect and how we use it. This policy applies to all services provided by the Aluminati Network Group Ltd.  This Policy should be read together with our Terms and Conditions and inherits any definitions defined therein.

This ‘Linc Up’ privacy policy is in addition to Lincoln College’s Privacy Policy and applies specifically to information held as a result of the services supplied by the Aluminati Network Group Ltd.

Lincoln College works with the Aluminati Network Group Ltd to provide the Linc Up mentoring platform.  As well as managing the Linc Up platform, Aluminati acts in the role of Date Processor with regards to any personal data held and only uses such data for the purposes of running this site.

GDPR and the Data Protection Act

All personal data is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (“GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (“DPA 2018”).

Collected Information

The information we collect is that provided by you directly via our registration form and profile interface. We also collect non-personal information for statistical analysis on the use of our websites. We also have your registered email address on record.

Any correspondence between you and us is archived for future reference.

Using the password-protected area of the website (Linc Up)

Personal Information

Your ‘Profile’ is where you can enter, manage and update your information and Linc Up mentoring preferences. You may also choose to provide optional details, such as preferred name, former name, occupation, company, photos, and personal comments.


Other users of the platform are able to send private messages to you but you can choose whether or not to be notified when an email is sent. The site does not monitor messages sent between users.


The site provides you with the option to unsubscribe from the site completely by requesting the deletion of your account.

If you wish to opt out of all Lincoln alumni communications, please contact us at

Personally identifiable information

To help confirm your identity, this site's registration process may require you to provide authentication (such as your full name, address, email address, password, first College, matriculation year, date of birth, city, province/state, country and/or postal/zip code)

Purpose and Use of Information

We use the information we collect to provide Linc Up community services and features to you, to measure and improve those services and features, and to provide you with technical/user support.  Unless you have told us otherwise, we may also use your information to suggest Lincoln projects that may be of interest to you.  For example, if you provide details of your career sector, we may invite you to a Lincoln event or relevant talk focused on that sector.

Linc Up will operate on a strictly opt-in basis and will be accessible only to other members.

When you access Linc Up from a computer, mobile phone, or other device, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, location, and IP address, as well as the pages you visit.

Use of Cookies - these are small files that reside on your system and are read by our website and webmail interface so as to enhance your experience. No personal information is stored and you may delete these cookies at any time.

Lincoln College respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data – all data is held securely and will be treated confidentially and sensitively by Lincoln.  Your data will never be sold, swapped, or rented for commercial purposes to third parties.


For those of you with a LinkedIn account, your Linc Up log in and LinkedIn identity can be connected with a single login option. If you choose to set this up, you will need to manually authorise the site to receive your LinkedIn credentials and allow access. The only piece of data shared between the site and LinkedIn is the LinkedIn ID, used for matching the two accounts. You can revoke this permission at any time.


Your information is stored in a password protected database which is never accessible by the public nor any non-authorised employee of the Aluminati Network Group Ltd. Authentication information, such as passwords, is encrypted.

Notification of Changes

Any changes to this privacy policy will be announced in the News section of the relevant websites where a link to the updated policy will be posted.